Soccer legend cut; “the shirt” still works; DCFC tonight

Friday, Finally!  May 23, 2014

– Landon Donovan left off the US Men’s Team squad for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil?

The first Columbus Crew game we went to was on May 18, 2002.  The Crew were hosting the San Jose Earthquakes.  Our hope was to see this young American kid – Landon Donovan – play.  But we were denied that treat as he was off with the US Men’s Team in preparation for the 2002 World Cup in Korea and Japan.  Since then, Donovan has been the face of American soccer for both the National Team and for Major League Soccer.   Perhaps his age (32), coupled with the tropical heat that the Brazillian summer provides, concerns the US Men’s Team gaffer, Jurgen Klinsmann?  Hard to say when other 30-something players Tim Howard(35), Jermain Jones(32), DaMarcus Beasley (31), Kyle Beckerman (32), Brad Davis (32), Clint Dempsey (31), and Chris Wondolowski (31) made the final cut.   Maybe it’s a cultural thing.  Donovan had difficulty early in his career adapting to German football while with Bayer Leverkusen.  Even after a spell of success with Bayern Munich in 2008 during a series of friendlies, the German team declined to extend his loan.  Some are saying this puts Klinsmann in a difficult situation to explain.  The US are in the group of death, with Algeria, Portugal and Germany.  With Donovan, there is no certainty they could get out of the group stage.  Without him, media and fans will have the ammunition to speculate what would have happened if Donovan had been there.

I’m sorry to see Donovan not a part of this year’s World Cup.  But this World Cup the US has a mountain ahead of them, and unlike the last few World Cups, they have a manager who is not a former US college soccer coach, but a former player and manager of the German National Team and Bayern Munich.  He knows what it takes to advance to the highest levels of soccer.  Let’s wait and see how the team performs on the world stage next month before jumping to conclusions.

– Clothes make a difference.

On Monday, my wife took her mother to urgent care after work.  After running preliminary tests, they had her ambulanced to Henry Ford Hospital.  After several hours, a decision was made to admit her, as there was uncertainty of her diagnosis.  When my wife came home, she arranged for a substitute teacher for the next day at school.  Then she said she needed “the shirt.”

“The shirt” in our house is any shirt – polo or sweatshirt – with the University of Detroit Mercy School of Law logo on it.

Back when I started law school, I felt the school spirit and purchased some UDM Law School wear.  It took a few times of wearing it unconsciously to places like the auto dealer when the car needed its maintenance, when shopping for bigger ticket items like furniture or appliances, and in doctors’ or dentists’ offices, that I realized there was a change in the way I was being treated.  The hint of condescension from the service provider was gone.  Things were being explained to me in far more detail than ever before.  There was something about wearing a shirt emblazoned with a law school logo that, well, raises one’s worthiness of attention.

She wore the shirt the next day to the hospital (and the next), and the level of care and attention that both she and her mother received was noticeably improved from Monday.

– Detroit City FC host Lansing United tonight.  If you haven’t been to a game yet, what the heck are you waiting for?  Cass Tech High School in Detroit.  Game starts at 7:30PM, but the fun begins hours before at Harry’s.

– What are you reading this weekend?  I’ve got about 120 pages to go in “When Blackness Was A Virtue” by Michael Grant Jaffe.

– “Outside of a dog, the book is man’s best friend.  Inside of a dog it’s too dark to read.”  Groucho Marx.

Enjoy the weekend!


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