Sunday at Cass: March 8, 2015

Sunday at Cass
March 8, 2015


There are three events in the Buddha’s life that are recognized with special services at Still Point Zen Buddhist Temple.  There is the day of his birth (recognized with a Sunday service in May); his enlightenment (recognized with a Friday evening through Saturday morning sitting in January); and Parinirvana, or the day he died (recognized with a Sunday service in March).  On the day of the Parinirvana service in 2015 was another Sunday at Cass.

After having been given the honor to read the Four Brahma-viharas during the service – the four divine states of dwelling cultivated through meditation; The Way of Love; The Way of Compassion; The Way of Sympathetic Joy; The Way of Equanimity – and reminded and refreshed by the final words spoken by Buddha – Be diligent in your efforts to attain liberation – I made my way down to Cass Park after the service.

It was another chilly day where hearts were warm and hungry bellies filled.  No matter the person’s individual spiritual practice, the common religion of compassion and community is powerful to witness.

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