Sunday at Cass: May 10, 2015

Sunday at Cass
May 10, 2015

The evening before was the first home match of the season for Detroit City FC at Cass Tech High School stadium.  They hosted a friendly (an exhibition) match against the Muskegon Risers. The rain fell hard before the game, which caused my camera to shutdown before the match started.  I dropped it in a bag of rice, hoping for it to dry out quickly.  It emerged in the morning from its Lazarus Pit ready for another trip down to Cass.

Mother’s Day.  Single roses were distributed to the mothers this lovely morning.

This was the first Sunday that I went to Cass Park without going to Still Point first.  I brought with me eighteen pairs of socks that I had purchased at Costco.  From my hands they disappeared as quickly as I pulled them apart from their packaging.  I observed and I photographed. In reviewing the photos and reflecting on the couple hours at Cass this morning, I composed these words which have been the headliner to every Facebook photo album I’ve created since.

I walk amongst saints
as they administer to
others whose hunger is so deep
I cannot fathom.

I am no saint.  I’m merely a guy with a camera who shares these images of saints doing what saints do; performing miracles through their acts of compassion.

I have not experienced the sensation of going to bed hungry because there was no food in the kitchen; nor the anxiety of where tomorrow’s meal would come from.  I have not been in a situation where I did not have a bed to rest my head on at night. I have been extremely fortunate. And as I pulled the socks from their packaging, I was struck by the desire of those who snatched them up.  A shallow reaction might have been one of condemnation from a judgmental mind.  But I took a deep breath.  I realized that present before me was a hunger beyond the depth of my understanding.

DSC08238 DSC08240 DSC08243 DSC08245 DSC08248DSC08251 DSC08249  DSC08254 DSC08255 DSC08256 DSC08258 DSC08259 DSC08261 DSC08262 DSC08263 DSC08264 DSC08265 DSC08267 DSC08268 DSC08271 DSC08273DSC08257DSC08280DSC08281 DSC08274 DSC08276 DSC08277 DSC08279 DSC08283 DSC08284 DSC08287 DSC08288 DSC08289 DSC08290 DSC08294 DSC08297

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