Sunday at Cass


I walk amongst saints
as they administer to
others whose hunger is so deep
I cannot fathom.

Sunday at Cass with Friends and the Forgotten Worker is a collection of many different circles of friends, groups, unions and political interests with one thing in common – the desire to look out for others. This occurs the 2nd & 4th Sunday of the month.


I had heard about this from my friend, Barbara Ingalls, from her Facebook posts of photos for a year or so.  It was a Sunday in February, 2015, after attending service at Still Point Zen Buddhist Temple, that I made my first visit.  Since then I, my camera, and at times a good helping of chocolate chip cookies, have made my way down I-94 to share in this community.


I felt a bit odd showing up, alone, with my camera, like a voyeur a step back from the needy and the compassionate.  After posting those first photos on my Facebook page, I discovered the value in sharing this with family, friends, and acquaintances.  Our hearts, chilled by the message that we should fear one another as delivered through the media or others close to us, is warmed by witnessing these images of true acts of compassion.  It was Barbara’s photos on Facebook that inspired me to participate.

Most of the volunteers present every two weeks live outside the border of Detroit.  Yet, still we come, bringing kindness and nourishment to people we did not know until we arrived.  No agenda.  No personal material gain.  Simply compassion.


Enjoy these images from the dates I took my camera to Cass Park in Detroit.  My goal is to capture and share the practice of human kindness.

  •   February 22, 2015
  •   March 8, 2015
  •   April 26, 2015
  •   May 10, 2015
  •   May 24, 2015
  •   June 13, 2015
  •   July 26, 2015
  •   August 9, 2015
  •   August 23, 2015
  •   September 27, 2015
  •   October 11, 2015
  •   October 25, 2015
  •   November 8, 2015
  •   November 22, 2015
  •   December 13, 2015
  •   January 24, 2016
  •   February 28, 2016
  •   March 27, 2016
  •   April 10, 2016
  •   April 24, 2016
  •   May 8, 2016
  •   June 12, 2016
  •   June 26, 2016


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