On July 10, 2013, I signed a book contract with Grey Wolfe Publishing for my novel, The Y in Life.

This past Wednesday, I received the first round of edits, and having gone 200 pages of the 375 in the manuscript, the rewrites have been marginal.

As of this moment, I have two stories being published in Grey Wolfe Publishing’s quarterly Legends, which is due out in August, and my novel The Y in Life slated for a Fall release (Sept/Oct).

Photograph by Michael Kitchen
Photograph by Michael Kitchen

Stories about to be published

Grey Wolfe Publishing’s “Legends” is set to come out soon. This quarterly will be publishing my two stories, “Mother Nature Makes the Extra Point” and “The Word of the Day is ‘Trust'”

Grey Wolfe Publishing is taking pre-orders, so if you’d like to save $5, order today at Grey Wolfe Publishing.