Visiting the Indies Chapter Four: Plymouth District Library

On Saturday, March 29, 2014, I was a guest at the Local Author Fair held at the Plymouth District Library in Plymouth, Michigan.


Twenty-four authors, including myself, set up our tables and greeted the public.  It was an interesting two hours as lovers of books and writers cruised the tables.

For me, this was homecoming and home certainly has changed.

I was raised in Plymouth.  My parents still live in the same house they purchased in 1960 which I grew up in.  During the summers away from Bird Elementary School, my sister and I participated in the summer reading program.  The library was referred to at the time as the Dunning-Hough Library.  It was named after Margaret Dunning who, in 1947, purchased the land and property on Main Street to house the Plymouth branch of the Wayne County Library, and Ed Hough, the second CEO of the Daisy Air Rifle company located in Plymouth,  who created the Hough Kimball Foundation which donated massively to the creation of the library.  It was a single floor building in the 1960’s.  The main entrance fronted Main Street, and the kids section was towards the back.  There was a small bike rack where we could chain our bikes if we rode them up to the library at the back entrance.  I remember wandering into the tall adult shelves, looking for books about hockey – 796.6 if I recall my Dewy Decimal System correctly.

The library has changed massively.  The structure is now two floors and a lower level.  The main entrance is in the back.  And plenty of computers which was unheard of in my day.

I know, I know. A public library is not an independent book store. But public libraries have opened their doors to annual “local author fairs” that feature independent authors and small independent publishing houses from the local area.  Furthermore, Plymouth, like a lot of towns, does not have a book store – big chain or small indie.  The Little Professor which used to be just a block away is long gone.  The library, in many towns, is the only source of books to the community.

It was a fun afternoon stepping back into my past, while celebrating the present.


What did I read this month – March, 2014

During the month of March, 2014, this is what I read:

The Angry Buddhist by Seth Greenland (politics, sex, and murder, and a man trying to rein in his anger through Buddhist meditation)
The Truth by Michael Palin (A serious novel by the Monty Python comedian).

Short Stories:
Indulgence by Susan Perabo (One Story)

Graphic Novels:
The Shadow: The Master Series Volume One (Dynamite Comics)
Dark Nights: The Shadow/Green Hornet (Dynamite Comics)
Pang the Wandering Shaolin Monk Volume Two (Iron Crotch University Press)

Comic Books:
Velvet #4
12 Reasons to Die #6
The Shadow Now #5
Dark Horse Presents #33
The Movement #10

Magazine articles:
One article from The Writer’s Chronicle
One article from bookmarks
Four articles from Bookforum