Do Haeng Michael Kitchen

Writer. Attorney. Detroit City FC Til I Die.

During the month of March, 2014, this is what I read:

The Angry Buddhist by Seth Greenland (politics, sex, and murder, and a man trying to rein in his anger through Buddhist meditation)
The Truth by Michael Palin (A serious novel by the Monty Python comedian).

Short Stories:
Indulgence by Susan Perabo (One Story)

Graphic Novels:
The Shadow: The Master Series Volume One (Dynamite Comics)
Dark Nights: The Shadow/Green Hornet (Dynamite Comics)
Pang the Wandering Shaolin Monk Volume Two (Iron Crotch University Press)

Comic Books:
Velvet #4
12 Reasons to Die #6
The Shadow Now #5
Dark Horse Presents #33
The Movement #10

Magazine articles:
One article from The Writer’s Chronicle
One article from bookmarks
Four articles from Bookforum


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