What did I read this month? April & May, 2014

Due to our recent move, I didn’t get the opportunity to list my April, 2014 reading.  This month, it’s a culmination of both April and May’s reading (which is less than I read in a usual month, but hey, sometimes life gets in the way).

The Sun and Other Stars by Brigid Pasulka.  I especially recommend this book to soccer fans.  A solid story within a soccer fan environment.  I gave this 5 stars on Goodreads.

When Darkness was a Virtue by Michael Grant Jaffe.   Gritty, down-to-earth story about how far must one go to get by in today’s world.  I gave this 4 stars on Goodreads.

Graphic Novels/Tradepaperbacks:
Satellite Sam Volume One
Batwoman Volume Three:  World’s Finest
Lone Wolf and Cub Omnibus Volume Four
Liberator Volume One
Sex Criminals Volume One: One Weird Trick

Comic Books:
Satellite Sam #6, 7
Hactivist #1, 2, 3, 4

Magazine articles:
Two from The Writer
One from Poets & Writers
One from The Writer’s Chronicle


What did I read this month – March, 2014

During the month of March, 2014, this is what I read:

The Angry Buddhist by Seth Greenland (politics, sex, and murder, and a man trying to rein in his anger through Buddhist meditation)
The Truth by Michael Palin (A serious novel by the Monty Python comedian).

Short Stories:
Indulgence by Susan Perabo (One Story)

Graphic Novels:
The Shadow: The Master Series Volume One (Dynamite Comics)
Dark Nights: The Shadow/Green Hornet (Dynamite Comics)
Pang the Wandering Shaolin Monk Volume Two (Iron Crotch University Press)

Comic Books:
Velvet #4
12 Reasons to Die #6
The Shadow Now #5
Dark Horse Presents #33
The Movement #10

Magazine articles:
One article from The Writer’s Chronicle
One article from bookmarks
Four articles from Bookforum


What did I read this month? February, 2014

Yesterday, I blogged the list of writings I read during the month of January, 2014.  To get caught up, here are the various writings I read during the month of February, 2014.

The Burglar Who Counted the Spoons by Lawrence Block (great fun, as always. Five Stars on Goodreads)
The Haunted Bookshop by Christopher Morley (intrigue & a book store in the early 1900’s. Five Goodreads Stars).

Promise Land:  My Journey Through America’s Self-Help Culture by Jessica Lamb-Shapiro (Five Stars on Goodreads)

The Messenger Who Did Not Become a Hero by Douglas Watson (One Story, Issue #177)
Little Red by Cate Caldwell (Legends: Summer 2013)
Shiny by Cate Caldwell (Legends: Summer 2013)
Sargasso Cove by Cate Caldwell (Legends: Autumn 2013)
Who Killed Paul Bourne? by Cate Caldwell (Legends: Autumn 2013)
Shelter Roof, Bloody Floor by Jennifer Koch (Write to Woof 2014)

Quack (Star-Reach) #2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Power Comics (Power Comics) #1, 2, 3
Cobalt Blue (Power Comics) #1
[Yes, waxing nostalgic over those independent comics from the 1970’s]
Velvet (Image Comics) #1, 2, 3
Sex Criminals (Image Comics) #4
SHOOT First (Dark Horse Comics) #3, 4
The Movement (DC Comics) #7, 8, 9
Dark Horse Presents (Dark Horse Comics ) #32
Shadow Year One (Dynamite Comics) #7
Shadow Now (Dynamite Comics) #4

4 articles from Bookforum
4 articles from Poets & Writers
3 articles from The Writer
1 article from Writer’s Digest


What did I read this month? – January, 2014

Nick Hornby’s memoir Fever Pitch is about Hornby’s love of soccer and of being a committed fan of the Arsenal Gunners specifically.  I’m an Arsenal fan, though I was not destined to grow up in North London and have it become a part of my genetic make-up.  Hornby’s introspection of being a soccer fan of the team I favor was my introduction to the writer.  It was while reading this book that I discovered Hornby wrote a regular column for Believer magazine titled “Stuff I’ve Been Reading.”  Each month Hornby summarizes the books he purchased and the books he read over the previous month.

Inspired by this, I started doing my own monthly purchasing/reading summary since September, 2012.  Certainly not on the level of deep analysis that Hornby puts in his column, I have privately kept track of the books I purchased and the different writings I’ve read during the course of a given month, with brief commentary.

Well, now that I have this blog here, my thought was to share what writings I’ve read over the previous month for those who are interested, and to engage in conversation, if you feel so moved.  The writings will not just be books, but also short stories, comic books, graphic novels, and the number of articles read within a specific magazine (most of which will be writing-related magazines).  This does not necessarily mean I read the entire book in the given month, but rather, it’s the month I completed reading the book.  Some books just take me longer than thirty days to get through.

After that long introduction, here’s the Writings I’ve Read in January, 2014.

The Art of Intimacy by Stacey D’erasmo
Stop Here by Beverly Gologorsky
Twelfth and Race by Eric Goodman
Running Alone by Halima Marcus (One Story)
Rain by W. Somerset Maugham (The Collected Stories of Somerset Maugham, Volume One)
The Movement (DC Comics) #5 and 6.
The Shadow Now (Dynamite Comics) #1, 2, 3
Buck Rogers (Hermes) #1, 2, 3
Dark Horse Presents (Dark Horse) #31
Shadow/Green Hornet (Dynamite) #4 and 5.
12 Reasons to Die (Black Mask) #5
Satellite Sam (Image Comics) #1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Quack (Star-Reach) #1
Writer’s Digest (7 articles)
Poets & Writers (4 articles)
Bookforum (2 articles)
The Writer’s Chronicle (1 article)
The Writer (1 article)

Mike (DoHaeng)