90 minutes within the Northern Guard Supporters section

July 11, 2014

Detroit City FC hosted the Fort Pitt Regiment in the friendly confines of Cass Tech Stadium in Detroit.  This evening I placed myself within the cauldron of the Northern Guard Supporters section, and with these videos, I bring you with me.

Singing “Detroit City, We Love You So”

Chanting “DC (clap clap) FC”

Sharing a chant with the other side of the pitch.

After scoring our first goal to tie the game at 1-1. We Score,We Shout, And Then We Smoke You Out!

Celebrating Shawn Lawson’s brilliant goal to put DCFC ahead 2-1.

Doing the Tetris from within the Northern Guard Supporters Section. Warning, I am actually doing the tetris so there is a lot of movement in this video. Some may feel a little sea sick while viewing.

Celebrating the third goal from within the Northern Guard Supporters Section. There’s going to be a party in Detroit, no one’s sleeping tonight!