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Writer. Attorney. Detroit City FC Til I Die.

Wow.  What a weekend.  The best way to describe it is in bite-size pieces.

Motor City Comic Con (Novi, MI):  This year was the 25th Anniversary of the Motor City Comic Con – an event held over a three-day weekend in May – which features comic and media celebrities from the past and present.  Over the years, I’ve found the best time to go is Friday when the doors open, and this year was no exception.  There was room to breathe walking the aisles of comic artists, comic book and related vendors, and media celebrities.  I was on a single-minded mission this year.  Prior to the convention I contacted legendary artist Frank Brunner, to commission him for a sketch.  I needed a special element to add to my personal home library, and a sketch of a anthropomorphized duck sitting in a chair, smoking a stogie and reading a book, by the artist of the popular 1970’s Marvel Comics character Howard the Duck was just the ticket.  Meeting Mr. Brunner was an honor, and the sketch was exceptional.  All I need now is a frame to put it up on the wall.  I can’t say much else about the convention.  I spent only a couple hours there as I had an evening event.

Detroit City FC 3, Michigan Stars 0, (Detroit, MI):  Friday evening it was a trip to Harry’s in Detroit for the festivities prior to the Detroit City FC match against the Michigan Stars.  The Michigan Stars are Sparta FC Version 2.0, as described by the Northern Guard Supporters.  They are Canadian-owned, and came into the league to try to draw the same kind of success that DCFC has.  It flopped.  Name change and location change, but the same weak product.   Detroit City FC commanded a 3-0 lead going into the half, and the Stars failed to mount any form of a comeback.  The supporters’ chant, “This Is Awesome!” after DCFC’s Zach Myers and William Mellors-Blair’s goals within a minute of each other, was appropriate to sum up the night.  And it was another record-setting crowd at Cass Tech High School stadium, with 2,614 fans on a cool May evening.

Why do the crowds continue to grow at DCFC matches?  The pre-game fun prior to the march to the stadium may have something to do with it.

Detroit Working Writers (DWW) Conference (Clinton Township, MI):  On Saturday I attended the DWW Conference at the Clinton-Macomb Library.  The timing of this conference was perfect.  I’ve spent the last four-five weeks in transition from an apartment to a three-bedroom home.  It has severely disrupted my writing practice.  The dust is now settling and the conference provided a poke into getting my writing practice back on track.  Elizabeth Kane Buzzelli‘s session on finding an agent provided material that I’ll be able to use once the novel I’m currently working on is ready for submission (which won’t be for a while, that’s for sure).  Lynne Meredith Golodner‘s session on running a successful freelance business was a little off-topic for me, however prodded my mind to remember there is a business end of this writing craft.  The keynote speaker, Karen Dionne, was delightfully inspiring.  Her latest book, “The Killing: Common Denominator” will be out next month, and is an original novel based on the AMC series.   Sylvia Hubbard’s session on social media provided insight on some of the social media I haven’t used effectively.  That should change.  And finally, Dr. Stanley Williams‘ session on irony, goals and sub-plots fed me with some clarity for the novel I’m currently writing.  All in all, it was a beneficial writer’s conference again.

Buddha’s Birthday at Still Point Zen Buddhist Temple (Detroit, MI):  Sunday was the celebration of the Buddha’s birth at Still Point Zen Buddhist Temple.  We were living in St. Clair Shores when we discovered Still Point, and we were regular attendees and members of the temple.  We’re still members, but having moved a little further away six years ago, and now another five miles further from the City, getting down to Detroit for Sunday services has been difficult.  But services like the Buddha’s birthday, the Precept-Taking ceremony, and the evening sitting to honor the Buddha’s enlightenment I intentionally plan to participate.  Sitting is good.  Sitting with a sangha and teacher is so much better.


Ann Arbor Antiquarian Book Fair (Ann Arbor, MI):  This was the 36th annual antiquarian book fair, which is a benefit for the William L. Clements Library, and a first for me.  About a year ago, I was in a thrift store in downtown Mount Clemens, and stumbled upon a copy of A. Edward Newton’s “A Magnificent Farce and Other Diversions of a Book Collector.”  This man was a famous bibliophile in the early years of the Twentieth Century.  After he passed, his collection took nine days to auction off.  After reading it, I’ve become interested in building my library.  But there seems so much more to book collecting that a show like this was a bit overwhelming to a novice like me.  There are so many directions to go.  Yes, prior to this event, I’ve completed my collection of A. Edward Newton books, including the auction guides of his entire library.  And Somerset Maugham’s “The Razor’s Edge” being my favorite book has led me into collecting Maugham’s books.  I did add a volume to my collection today.  However, I filled out the comment card suggesting that at these events a workshop on book collecting would be helpful.

It was a great weekend, covering many interests in my life – comic books, soccer, writing and reading.  To think that today is the Metro Detroit Book & Author Society luncheon is just more awesomeness.

Life is good.

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