Do Haeng Michael Kitchen

Writer. Attorney. Detroit City FC Til I Die.

On November 9, 2014, I was one of 38 authors at the 16th Annual Writers on the River event held at the Ellis Library and Reference Center in Monroe, MI.


It was a nice event.  Set-up began at 10:30, and authors and members of the library were treated to light lunch prior to opening the doors to the public.  I enjoyed a number of conversations held with other authors and readers, and from my table I also had a nice view of the small river behind the library.  It was also nice spending time with one of my mentors, Kathleen Ripley Leo, who was selling her first novel,  a YA fantasy titled “The Seamless Universe.”

10363320_841863432500679_7523430378660965986_n 64767_841863489167340_2689617854800161876_n

It is a pleasant experience to meet readers who have an interest in local authors, and visit the library that hosted the event for the community.  It was my first visit to this part of Michigan, having only driven through it en route to somewhere south.  Thank you, Monroe County Library System.


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