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July 17, 2013
Detroit City FC 2, Windsor Stars 0
DCFC  Grant Chong
DCFC  Akeel Tariq
Attendance:  1,211

The season having come to a tragic end, there was one friendly left on the schedule.  Last year, this was the game I first ventured into the Northern Guard Supporters routine.  This year, it proved to be…different.  I’ll let Sgt. Scary explain:

I have previously written about this night in my article, Forevermore, Rouge et Or, where you can get all the details.  Below are the videos and images I captured on this surreal evening at Cass.

DSC03118 DSC03126 DSC03129 DSC03133 DSC03137 DSC03142 DSC03145 DSC03148 DSC03151 DSC03156 DSC03157 DSC03158 DSC03164 DSC03168

The winner of the Black Arrow Award, presented to the team’s MVP, was Zach Myers.  As he mounted the bike he was given, the Supporters stayed true to the family-friendly nature of the evening, chanting “Where’s your helmet?”

DSC03171 DSC03172 DSC03174 DSC03176 DSC03179 DSC03180 DSC03184 DSC03185 DSC03188 DSC03191 DSC03197 DSC03198 DSC03203 DSC03204 DSC03209 DSC03210 DSC03211 DSC03212 DSC03213 DSC03216


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