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July 6, 2014
Detroit City FC 2, Cincinnati Saints 0
DCFC Jeff Adkins (William Mellors-Blair) 9′
DCFC  William Mellors-Blair (Jeff Adkins) 59′

Attendance:  2,612

Days prior to this match, the Metro Detroit soccer community suffered a tragedy.  John Bieniewicz was about to red card a player while refereeing a match in Livonia when he was blindsided with a punch by the player, ultimately ending the life of the referee.  Bieniewicz, the president of the Metro Detroit Soccer Officials Organization, was a 44-year-old husband and father of two boys.  The incident shook the community.

To honor the life of John Bieniewicz, the Northern Guard Supporters created these “red cards” that were to be raised by all in silence in the 44th minute of the match.


DSC05882 DSC05884 DSC05885 DSC05887 DSC05889 DSC05890 DSC05891 DSC05892

As for the game, of course City pummeled the Saints into submission once more.  That’s what we do.

The Kitchen/DCFC vs Bruce/Saints rivalry is once again absent any member of the Bruce family.  Fearful, they are, of treading onto City grounds.  One begins to question whether a rivalry really exists, especially when one team is Le Rouge, and the other team sucks so bad that its hometown fans distance themselves from the team.


DSC05782 DSC05783 DSC05784 DSC05786 DSC05787 DSC05790 DSC05791 DSC05793 DSC05794 DSC05795 DSC05796 DSC05797 DSC05799 DSC05800 DSC05803 DSC05804 DSC05805 DSC05806 DSC05807 DSC05811


DSC05815 DSC05821 DSC05822 DSC05824 DSC05828 DSC05829 DSC05832 DSC05833 DSC05834 DSC05837 DSC05838 DSC05840 DSC05843 DSC05844 DSC05850 DSC05852 DSC05855 DSC05856 DSC05866 DSC05894 DSC05896 DSC05897 DSC05900 DSC05908 DSC05914 DSC05915 DSC05916 DSC05917 DSC05918 DSC05920 DSC05921 DSC05923 DSC05924 DSC05939 DSC05940 DSC05944 DSC05945 DSC05948 DSC05949 DSC05953 DSC05954 DSC05956 DSC05957 DSC05963 DSC05969 DSC05970 DSC05971 DSC05972 DSC05977 DSC05983 DSC05984 DSC05986 DSC05987 DSC05988

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