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July 13, 2014
Detroit City FC 2, Lansing United 2
LANS  Matt Brown (Brian Cunningham) 20′
DCFC  Josh Rogers (PK) 37′
LANS  Gabe Mateo 66′
DCFC Locky Savage 94′

The final regular season game for both teams had playoff implications.  Going into the Sunday afternoon affair, Lansing (8 wins, 3 draws, 2 losses = 27 points) had a one point lead over Le Rouge (8 wins, 2 draws, 3 losses = 26 points) for first place.  Due to the NPSL braintrusts’ plans, only the first place team in the Great Lakes Conference would advance to the Midwest Regional Division playoffs.  A win for either team would crown them Conference champions.  A draw would give the title and playoff spot to Lansing.

We met at Harrison Roadhouse for the breakfast buffet, out-shouting the couple of tables of “Sons of Ransom” supporters, then marched to DeMartin Stadium, home of the MSU Spartan soccer team.  The announced attendance trickled over the two-thousand mark, but we accounted for a significant portion of that.  We were not in the majority of bodies in the stands, but we certainly were the loudest.

Lansing opened the scoring in the 19th minute when Matt Brown headed in a pass from Brian Cunningham.  Le Rouge equalized in the 36th minute when Zach Myers was taken down in the box and Josh Rogers converted on the penalty kick.  The halftime 1-1 draw favored Lansing.

In the second half, Gabe Mateo broke free and scored in the 66th minute to give Lansing the lead.  Detroit pressed the rest of the game, managing to tie it on Locky Savage’s goal in the waning moments of stoppage time.

It was heart-breaking, yes, but they stayed and chanted and sung as the rest of the fans emptied the stadium.  Le Rouge players then joined the Northern Guard Supporters for a final hurrah.


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