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May 21, 2017
Hollway Field, Ann Arbor, MI
NPSL Regular Season match.
AFC Ann Arbor 2, Detroit City FC 0

AFCAA Dario Suarez (Jack Hallahan) 40′
AFCAA Dario Suarez (Jesse Muskwe) 60′

Dark clouds with glimpses of sunlight bathed the pitch during the match and a rain prior to and a downpour during halftime, created the environment in Ann Arbor this afternoon.

Our previous visit to Ann Arbor, our section was in the visitor’s bleachers of this high school football stadium.  However, this afternoon, they guided us to the south end of the home side bleachers, reserving the visitor’s bleachers for the handful of Main Street Hooligans – the team’s supporters group.  With that move came interesting results.  Two security guards were stationed in front of the Northern Guard Supporters.  Supporters were told to remove their face scarves – claiming them to be a terrorist threat.  In exiting and passing by the Ann Arbor ‘Family Friendly’ fans, a conversation took place between a fan and a few NGS’ers about how he wanted his kid’s soccer experience to be (G-rated versus NGS-rated).

Added to the frustration was the team’s performance.  City looked good early.  But like last year’s match here, we fell behind, this time before the end of the first half.  Instead of a three-goals-in-nine-minutes outburst to claim victory, City conceded another in the 60th minute, and there was no miraculous comeback.

A loss and two draws.  By May 22nd of last season, we had 4 NPSL matches in the books – a win, a loss, and two draws, including our Keyworth Stadium opener with 7,000+ of our friends – and two US Open Cup matches – a win against the Michigan Bucks and a hard-fought loss in Louisville.  Going into our international friendly against Glentoran FC would have a different feel than going into last year’s FC United of Manchester friendly.

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