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Typing Assignment #17 from Joe Van Cleave’s YouTube channel “is to write a story inspired by a found photographic print.”

Instead of using any of my photos, I went out to find a photo to use for this assignment.  With Detroit City FC in the Lamar Hunt US Open Cup tournament, I drove down to Cincinnati, stopping in Findlay, Ohio at Jeffrey’s Antiques to see what I could find.  Well I found something.  Two somethings.

There were a handful of vendors with old photographs.  Pretty much all of them were portraits of individuals or family photos.  Of the many I sorted through, this one caught my eye, and became the subject of the story for the assignment.

The other thing I found was, of course, a typewriter.  This cute, 1956 Smith-Corona Skyriter was looking up at me, the pouch of its case containing the original owners manual, a book on learning how to touch type, a card with touch typing hints, and another owners manual for an unidentified portable electric typewriter.  I wasn’t in the market for a new typewriter, but its cute compactness was calling to me.  I left it behind, completed my drive to Cincinnati, took in the match and stayed overnight.  Just couldn’t get that little typer out of my head, on the way home I stopped back in and added it to my growing pack of rescued typewriters.

So, it seems only natural that I type this found photo-based assignment on the found typewriter I discovered in the process.

Other Typewritten Pages are HERE.

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