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June 15, 2018
NPSL Regular Season Match
Hart Park, Wauwautosa, WI
Milwaukee Torrent 0, Detroit City FC 1
Attendance: ?
Record:  4-1-2 = 13pts

DCFC Brad Centala 76′

Last year, our match in Milwaukee was on a Sunday afternoon, which enabled Rouge Rovers to charter a bus and arrive by other means on their own, to create an experience the Torrent did not expect.  Confirmation came in the form of the 2018 schedule, where the Milwaukee away match was set for a Friday night.  A lot more difficult for Detroit supporters to make the trek.

However, my schedule was open, and I decided to take the unconventional route.  Instead of driving through Chicago to get there, I left a day early, and went by way of the Upper Peninsula.

A lifetime Michigander, I had only been up to the U.P. once, and that was in 2017, the day after the big win against AFC Ann Arbor, to visit a client in the prison in Newberry.  Also, I needed an excuse to go to Marquette to visit Snowbound Books, a Michigan independent book store that was part of a book tote promotion.  In the process, a couple of touristy stops were made.


Why not visit Oswald’s Bear Ranch in Newberry en route to Marquette.

After arriving at the hotel in Marquette, time to earn my Snowbound Books check-mark on the book tote.

The next day, word of an indie bookstore (not on the book tote) in Escanaba made of a quick stop before the rain began.

Prior to the trip, I highlighted the Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary as a good spot to stretch the legs.  It was pouring upon arrival, which dampened the plans for an outdoor stroll.  But inside the Observation/Rehabilitation Building, injured animals were being cared for, including…bats!

The stormy ride ended near Milwaukee.  Greeted at the hotel under sunny skies, I checked in, then headed to Wauwautosa.  I remembered the independent book store just down the street from last year’s trip, so I popped in again.

The Friday night schedule did prevent the kind of numbers Rouge Rovers could have brought to the game.  But looking at the other side of the pitch, it deterred their fans from showing as well.

A feisty, hard-battled first half ended scoreless.

It was almost a disaster when, in the second half, a Milwaukee forward stormed in on goal, Fernando Pina the last man back.  The Torrent player chipped the ball beyond Pina, but it struck one post, crossed the face of the net and struck the other, without crossing the line.


In the 76th minute, City scored the only goal of the match.


The next day, the drive home went through Chicago (blowing through the Express Pass lane on one of the toll roads by mistake), to St. Joseph for lunch and a leg stretch, then home.

Google maps had the trip measured at 1,193 miles and 19 hours, 6 minutes.  The three hours lost must have been by driving through the storm from Escanaba to Milwaukee, and, of course, Chicago.


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