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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 United Women’s Soccer season was cancelled.  As Michigan moved into Stage 4 of Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s 6-stage Safe Start Plan, a tournament featuring four women’s teams was scheduled for the weekend at Keyworth. Two games were to be played on Friday night, and then on Sunday, the winners of Fridays matches would face each other for the championship, and the other two teams would play a match for third-place.

Even though no fans were permitted to attend, the Northern Guard still made their presence known with their banners, including some new ones.

The event kicked off with Midwest United FC playing Livonia City.

July 24, 2020
Keyworth Stadium, Hamtramck, MI
Midwest United FC 9, Livonia City 0
Attendance: 0.

MUFC Stitch Curry 17′
MUFC Stitch Curry 22′
MUFC Stitch Curry 32′
MUFC Marti Corby 33′
MUFC Hannah Crum (PK) 45′
MUFC Kaema Amachree 61′
MUFC Macy Wierenga 62′
MUFC Stitch Curry 71′
MUFC Marti Corby 90+’

A familiar face was in the house, as Stefan St. Louis (2012) returned to Michigan to be an assistant coach with Midwest United FC women’s team.

It was a one-sided affair as Midwest United racked up 9 goals; four by Stitch Curry, and five before halftime.


The second match featured Detroit City FC’s first home game at Keyworth Stadium, against Lansing United, one of the former NPSL rivals of the men’s team.

July 24, 2020
Keyworth Stadium, Hamtramck, MI
Detroit City FC 2, Lansing Untied 1
DCFC  Lilian Lucas (Bri Rogers) 20′
LU Rachel Philpotts 53′
DCFC Kenna White 83′
Attendance: 0.


During the warm-ups, Detroit City FC teams will be wearing these kick-ass Black Lives Matters/#CityAgainstRacism tops.


Tonight’s Starting XI for Detroit City FC’s first match at Keyworth was:

Goalkeeper Becca Przyblyo
Defender Grace Philpotts
Defender Kelsey McClafferty
Defender Margaret Berry
Defender Syd Blomquist
Midfield Kayla Halmaghi
Midfield Lilian Lucas
Midfield Bri Rogers
Forward Tori Singstock
Forward Kenna White
Forward Sarah Huge

Now, due to the pandemic, fans were not allowed into the stadium.  Is that going to stop the Northern Guard Supporters?  Oh no.  This is the first match at Keyworth for the women’s team, and if they weren’t going to be allowed to enjoy the full-on atmosphere of the songs and chants, they were still going to be honored with a tifo and smoke.

Lots of smoke.


After several minutes delay, the match resumed.

Lilian Lucas blasts home the opening goal for City in the 20th minute.

Despite the empty supporters’ section, the Northern Guard’s Smokey the Bot, a smoke-deploying robot, provided the post-goal, celebratory smoke.

City led at the end of the first half, 1-0.

Friendly the Bear proves to be the most responsible sports mascot, as he wears his mask.

Rachel Philpott equalized in the 53rd minute for Lansing United.  But in the 83rd minute, Syd Blomquist forced a turnover by the Lansing keeper, allowing Kenna White to notch the game-winner.  Smokey the Bot celebrates.


As a result of today’s matches, Sunday will see Livonia City FC take on Lansing United for the third place game, and Detroit City FC face Midwest United FC for the championship.


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