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September 24, 2020
2020 NISA Fall Tournament
Group Stage, Game Five
Keyworth Stadium, Hamtramck, MI
Detroit City FC 2, Oakland Roots 1

OAK Matt Fondy (Diego Casillas) 45′
DCFC Yazeed Matthews (Jimmy Filerman) 54′
DCFC Shawn Claud-Lawson (Tendai Jirira) 80′

Yellow Cards:
Michael Kafari (DCFC) 36′
Ariel Mbumba (OAK) 39′
Jimmy Filerman (DCFC) 64′

Coming into the second match of the group stage, Oakland’s victory over New Amsterdam FC provided them with the good start they needed.  However, to use the cliche, this was a must-win for Detroit City FC to stay in the battle for a spot in the semi-finals.


Detroit City FC made four line-up changes from their loss to the Stars.  Jean Antoine, Jimmy Filerman, Michael Kafari, and Ibrahim Conteh started tonight’s match in place of Parker Siegfried, Brandon Clegg, George Chomakov, and Connor Rutz.


Detroit City FC
Jean Antoine – Keeper
Jimmy Filerman – Defender
Steve Carroll – Defender
Tendai Jirira – Defender
Michael Kafari – Defender
Kevin Vengas – Defender
Bakie Goodman – Midfielder
Cyrus Saydee – Midfielder
Ibrahim Conteh – Midfielder
Max Todd – Forward
Yazeed Matthews – Forward

For Oakland, ten of the starting eleven were starters in their victory over New Amsterdam FC, switching Angel Heredia in for Yohannas Harish.


Oakland Roots
Christian Herrera – Keeper
Nana Attakora – Defender
Robert Hines II – Defender
David Abidor – Defender
Tarn Wier – Midfielder
Peter Pearson – Midfielder
Diego Casillas – Midfielder
Ariel Mbumba – Midfielder
Angel Heredia – Midfielder
Matt Fondy – Forward
Jack McInerney – Forward

City and Roots, having never played each other, went through a feeling out period early in the match.  Then, they settled into their games and right at the end of the first half, Oakland’s Matt Fondy scored to give the Roots a 1-0 lead.

In the 53rd minute, Oakland inserted Nelson Blanco, removing defender Robert Hines.  But it was Detroit with the offensive threat and goal by Yazeed Matthews, deflecting Jimmy Filerman’s shot past Christian Herrera in the 54th minute.

Detroit kept on the pressure.  In the 68th minute, Manuel Gonzalez replaced Ariel Mbumba, then eight minutes later, David Navarro replaced Matt Fondy for Oakland.  In the 78th minute, City made a double substitution, bringing Jimmy Filerman and Max Todd off and inserting Sebastian Cappozucchi and City’s all-time leading goal scorer, Shawn Claud Lawson into the match.   Two minutes later, Tendai Jirira made a run down the left side and delivered a perfect ball into the box for #9 to back-heel into the Roots goal for the game-winner.

George Chomakov subbed in for Ibrahim Conteh in the 87th minute and Cyrus Saydee made way for Connor Rutz in the 90th minute for City, as they closed out the 2-1 victory.

The Group A standings looked like this after the match.

Oakland Roots 1-0-1 = 3 points, +2 goal differential
Michigan Stars 1-0-0 = 3 points, +2 goal differential
Detroit City FC 1-0-1 = 3 points, -1 goal differential.
New Amsterdam FC 0-0-1 = 0 points, -3 goal differential.

The other matches of the tournament can be found HERE.

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