July 27, 2016: vs Windsor Stars (Friendly)


July 27, 2016
Keyworth Stadium, Hamtramck, MI
Detroit City FC 3, Windsor Stars 1
DCFC  Dave Edwardson 2′
DCFC  Own Goal (Jamar Kelly) 36′
DCFC  Tommy Catalano 43′
STARS  Michael Pio 50′
Attendance:  6,025

Unlike the first grandbaby who arrived less than 20 hours prior to the match against the Columbus Crew College Program, grandbaby #2 emerged early in the morning the day before.

Louella Skye Kitchen-Buschel was born on July 26, 2016, at 1:37 AM.  The 21-inch “little” girl weighed in at 9 lbs, 13 oz.


Life moves too fast sometimes.  In July, 2015, there wasn’t a being on the planet who could call me “Grandpa.”  By the end of July, 2016, there were six; babies Leon & Louella, Colin’s boys Chad & Dean, and the two children my daughter and son-in-law became foster parents to.

Tonight was also a first for me.  It was the first time I requested a media pass.  To be honest, I’ve never considered myself media.  Sure, back when I was photographing Detroit Vipers games in the late 1990’s for a hockey publication, I was media.  But I came into this as a fan who brought my camera because I enjoy capturing life in the moment – whether they be of humans in action or squirrels in my yard.  Then, this team and its support launched into unexpected popularity, and well, here I am, creating an internet Detroit City FC scrapbook of every home game I’ve been to, and the several road trips I’ve made.

dsc00599a dsc00603

It was beach party night in the NGS Section.

dsc00381 dsc00382 dsc00384 dsc00385 dsc00386 dsc00388 dsc00389 dsc00390 dsc00392 dsc00393 dsc00395 dsc00396 dsc00399a dsc00401a

dsc00404 dsc00405 dsc00408 dsc00409 dsc00412 dsc00416 dsc00418 dsc00420 dsc00421a dsc00423 dsc00427 dsc00428 dsc00430 dsc00431 dsc00432 dsc00433 dsc00434 dsc00435 dsc00436 dsc00437 dsc00438 dsc00441 dsc00443 dsc00446 dsc00449 dsc00450 dsc00454

The atmosphere created by NGS, the new angles from the pitch, the new challenge of staying out of the way of the soccer ball whizzing by at a comet’s pace, and Dave Edwardson starting us off with a goal in the third minute, made the game effervescent with fun.  After doubling the lead on an own goal by Windsor defender Jamar Kelly, Tommy Catalano’s goal in the 43rd minute not only put us in control of the match, but also stirred up a little bitterness from Windsor’s keeper.

dsc00455 dsc00456 dsc00459 dsc00461 dsc00463a dsc00464a dsc00465 dsc00468a dsc00469a dsc00472 dsc00474 dsc00476 dsc00478 dsc00480a dsc00483 dsc00489 dsc00490a dsc00491a dsc00494 dsc00495a dsc00497 dsc00499a dsc00501a dsc00506 dsc00513 dsc00516a dsc00518a dsc00528a dsc00529a dsc00531

At halftime, it was time to present the 2016 Black Arrow Award to the team’s Most Valuable Player.

dsc00534 dsc00543

On July 11, 2016, The Detroit News ran an article about Detroit City FC players and their day-jobs.  It reported that Tommy Catalano was training to be a journeyman electrician.  Adding a DCFC practice or game to working an eleven-hour shift, six days a week at his inside construction wireman apprenticeship, makes for some long days.  Yet, the young man was among the team leaders in goals-scored, well deserving of the MVP award.

dsc00551a dsc00557a

dsc00573a dsc00575a dsc00577a

And to wrap up the evening and season, a final, full-field, supporter/team Tetris.


So, do I seek a media pass next year?  I’m certainly giving it serious thought.









July 22, 2015: Windsor Stars (friendly)


July 22, 2015
Detroit City FC 0, Windsor Stars 1
Windsor 61′
Attendance:  3,485

A massive Wednesday night crowd of almost 3,500 sent Le Rouge off to Madison with encouragement to bring the division trophy home.

A 1-0 win by Windsor did not quell the enthusiasm of the night.  I photographed the first half, but took the second half off to immerse myself in the Supporters Section.  At the 85th minute, it all let loose.  The Northern Guard Supporters had stocked up on smoke, in anticipation of hosting the playoffs.  It all went off during those final five minutes of the night.

The evening ended with a team and supporter Tetris held on the pitch at Cass.

On with the show:

DSC00662 DSC00668 DSC00669 DSC00673 DSC00674 DSC00675 DSC00677 DSC00680 DSC00681 DSC00682 DSC00683 DSC00685 DSC00686 DSC00687 DSC00688 DSC00690 DSC00691 DSC00694 DSC00695 DSC00697 DSC00699 DSC00700 DSC00702 DSC00703 DSC00704 DSC00705 DSC00706 DSC00712 DSC00713 DSC00719 DSC00721 DSC00722 DSC00723 DSC00726 DSC00728 DSC00732 DSC00733 DSC00734 DSC00735 DSC00737 DSC00740 DSC00741 DSC00745 DSC00748 DSC00749 DSC00753 DSC00754 DSC00756 DSC00758 DSC00760 DSC00763 DSC00765 DSC00767 DSC00771

2015 Black Arrow Award Winner is….


David Edwardson!!!DSC00774 DSC00777 DSC00779 DSC00780 DSC00782 DSC00784 DSC00785 DSC00788 DSC00789 DSC00790 DSC00791 DSC00795 DSC00803 DSC00806