June 2, 2012: Greater Binghamton FC

DCFC01 dcfc12dcfc11

June 2, 2012
Detroit City FC 4, Greater Binghamton FC 0
DCFC Kyle Bethel (Keith Lough) 18′
DCFC Kyle Bethel 33′
DCFC Knox Cameron (Cyrus Saydee) 57′
DCFC Cyrus Saydee (David Dwaihy) 78′

Another grand of supporters in the stands enjoy a lop-sided City victory.  We had taken four points from Binghamton on their grounds with a 4-0 win on May 19th, and a Nil-Nil draw on May 20th.  These three games are the only times that DCFC played against GBFC.  In 2013, GBFC moved into the Northeast Region of the NPSL.

This game, I shot more video, capturing the action and sounds of the Le Rouge/Northern Guard Supporter experience.


DSC08395 DSC08396 DSC08397 DSC08400 DSC08417

DSC08403 DSC08410

Northern Guard Supporters arrive and prepare to support.

DSC08411 DSC08412 DSC08414 DSC08418 DSC08419 DSC08420 DSC08421Starting line-up

DSC08425DSC08427 DSC08430Action.

DSC08435DSC08436DSC08437 DSC08441 DSC08445 DSC08446DSC08448 DSC08449DSC08451DSC08452DSC08453The first of the four.

DSC08454 DSC08455 DSC08456Action.

DSC08457 DSC08460DSC08464 DSC08466DSC08476 DSC08477 DSC08487DSC08496 DSC08497 DSC08511 DSC08513DSC08514 DSC08516DSC08525DSC08526 DSC08529 DSC08530 DSC08531 DSC08534

The Players:

Adam Bedell

DSC08442Latif Alashe

DSC08465Knox Cameron
DSC08479Kyle Bethel
DSC08481Keith Lough
DSC08508Jeremy Clark
DSC08517Wade Allen
DSC08521Joey Dillon

DSC08522Cyrus Saydee



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