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June 2, 2012
Detroit City FC 4, Greater Binghamton FC 0
DCFC Kyle Bethel (Keith Lough) 18′
DCFC Kyle Bethel 33′
DCFC Knox Cameron (Cyrus Saydee) 57′
DCFC Cyrus Saydee (David Dwaihy) 78′

Another grand of supporters in the stands enjoy a lop-sided City victory.  We had taken four points from Binghamton on their grounds with a 4-0 win on May 19th, and a Nil-Nil draw on May 20th.  These three games are the only times that DCFC played against GBFC.  In 2013, GBFC moved into the Northeast Region of the NPSL.

This game, I shot more video, capturing the action and sounds of the Le Rouge/Northern Guard Supporter experience.


DSC08395 DSC08396 DSC08397 DSC08400 DSC08417

DSC08403 DSC08410

Northern Guard Supporters arrive and prepare to support.

DSC08411 DSC08412 DSC08414 DSC08418 DSC08419 DSC08420 DSC08421Starting line-up

DSC08425DSC08427 DSC08430Action.

DSC08435DSC08436DSC08437 DSC08441 DSC08445 DSC08446DSC08448 DSC08449DSC08451DSC08452DSC08453The first of the four.

DSC08454 DSC08455 DSC08456Action.

DSC08457 DSC08460DSC08464 DSC08466DSC08476 DSC08477 DSC08487DSC08496 DSC08497 DSC08511 DSC08513DSC08514 DSC08516DSC08525DSC08526 DSC08529 DSC08530 DSC08531 DSC08534


The Players

Adam Bedell

DSC08442Latif Alashe

DSC08465Knox Cameron
DSC08479Kyle Bethel
DSC08481Keith Lough
DSC08508Jeremy Clark
DSC08517Wade Allen
DSC08521Joey Dillon

DSC08522Cyrus Saydee



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