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May 26, 2012
Detroit City FC 3, Erie Admirals 0
DCFC Knox Cameron (Keith Lough) 19′
DCFC Keith Lough (Tom Oatley) 35′
DCFC Kyle Bethel 83′

The first true test of support for Detroit City FC.  A torrential rain hammered the fans early in the afternoon affair.  But together, Supporters and team weathered the storm, putting three past the (Danny) Mudd between the Erie pipes.

Ominous clouds overhead won’t dampen the Supporters’ spirits.

DSC07999 DSC07998DSC07997

DSC08001 DSC08002

And down it comes….

DSC08004DSC08007DSC08008DSC08009 DSC08010 DSC08011DSC08013 DSC08015Action.

DSC08021 DSC08022 DSC08023DSC08027

DSC08036 DSC08037 DSC08042 DSC08049 DSC08050 DSC08058Knox Cameron puts it where Alejandro Moreno’s grandmother hangs her clothes.DSC08029And there was much rejoicing!

DSC08031DSC08034Keith Lough traps the ball then scores for a 2-0 lead.

DSC08060 DSC08061More action…and it gets a little chippy.

DSC08074 DSC08075DSC08078 DSC08090 DSC08099 DSC08107 DSC08125 DSC08130 DSC08137DSC08082 DSC08083DSC08087 DSC08088DSC08094 DSC08096 DSC08097DSC08118 DSC08119 DSC08123 DSC08124 DSC08148 DSC08165 DSC08183 DSC08184 DSC08185DSC08141 DSC08145 DSC08146 DSC08153 DSC08162 DSC08179 DSC08180 DSC08182 DSC08191Post-match.  Appreciation given and received.

DSC08204 DSC08205DSC08206DSC08207 DSC08208DSC08209 DSC08210 DSC08211 DSC08212DSC08213


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