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MAY 12, 2012
Detroit City FC 1, AFC Cleveland 1
DCFC Stefan St. Louis (Tom Oatley) 11′
AFC  Vinny Bell 35′

A crowd of 1,072 fans ushered in Detroit’s new soccer team.  It was also the debut of the Northern Guard Supporters.


DSC07423DSC07420DSC07422DSC07431 DSC07441DSC07442DSC07443

The first march to the stadium:
DSC07445 DSC07450DSC07451DSC07452DSC07453DSC07456DSC07459 DSC07455 DSC07462

The starting eleven:

DSC07466DSC07468The opening goal.  The ball comes in to St. Louis, who puts it past Ben Yabrow, then runs to the Supporters’ Section.

And the first smoke from NGS to celebrate a goal.



Vinny Bell scores for AFC Cleveland to level the match.



DSC07532DSC07490DSC07528 DSC07538 DSC07549 DSC07556

The end of the match; the beginning of a beautiful relationship.



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