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June 9, 2013
Detroit City FC 3, Erie Admirals 0
DCFC  Zach Myers 24′
DCFC  Zeke Harris 53′
DCFC  Lachlan Savage 78′

A crowd of 1,047, oddly the smallest of the season, attended the match between the only two undefeated teams in the Great Lakes Division.  When it was all said and done, Le Rouge emerged as the only undefeated team in the division.

This was the first test of the camera after spending time in the Lazarus Pit (submerged in a container of dry white rice) as suggested by novelist Colum McCann (see previous game’s page).  Though the device decided that it was going to turn on only by my command, it had its own mind about when it was going to turn off.  My goal this match was to get photos of what I could, not necessarily photos I wanted.  Still, some good outcomes.


DSC02300 DSC02301 DSC02302 DSC02303 DSC02304 DSC02305 DSC02306 DSC02311 DSC02312 DSC02313 DSC02316 DSC02317 DSC02319


DSC02322 DSC02323 DSC02324 DSC02325 DSC02327 DSC02328 DSC02334 DSC02342DSC02336 DSC02347 DSC02351 DSC02353 DSC02354 DSC02355 DSC02358 DSC02360 DSC02361 DSC02362 DSC02365 DSC02371

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