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June 14, 2013
Detroit City FC 4, Zanesville Athletic FC 0
DCFC Zach Myers 26′
DCFC Jeff Adkins (Cyrus Saydee) 45′
DCFC  Austin Oldham (Kevin Taylor) 67′
DCFC  Knox Cameron 73′

Detroit City FC’s second match against Zanesville Athletic FC, and third clean sheet of the season.  Le Rouge closed out the three-game series against Zanesville at their house on June 30th with a three-nil win.  Tonight’s attendance was 1,612.

Looking back on this, it was a really odd game for me.  No video, and not very many photos.  I can only assume that the camera was still acting up a bit after “the rain game,” the rice Lazarus Pit not restoring the camera to its normal state.


DSC02376 DSC02377 DSC02379 DSC02382 DSC02385


DSC02391 DSC02392 DSC02393 DSC02394 DSC02395 DSC02396 DSC02398 DSC02403 DSC02404 DSC02413 DSC02416 DSC02417 DSC02426 DSC02427 DSC02430 DSC02436 DSC02437


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