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May 31, 2015
DeMartin Stadium, Lansing, MI
Detroit City FC 1, Lansing United 3
LANS  Stephen Owusu 13′
DCFC  David Edwardson 44′
LANS  Jason Stacy (Matt Brown) 64′
LANS  Matt Rickard (Zach Pagani) 79′
Attendance, 1,319

Once again, the Northern Guard Supporters invaded the state’s capital, and took over the tavern where the Sons of Ransom – Lansing United’s supporter group – hangs out.

The match, however, did not go Le Rouge’s way.  David Edwardson’s goal in the 44th minute, a howler from well out, was worth the price of admission.  Staying and chanting and supporting our team until we were finally kicked out of the stadium was worth the trip.

There are a few obvious shots that may make you scratch your head.  At least they did mine.  With this new camera, I was playing with the settings and captured those shots.  They’re interesting, that’s for sure.

And that bubble soccer looks like fun.

DSC09204 DSC09213 DSC09214 DSC09215 DSC09216 DSC09218 DSC09220 DSC09225 DSC09232 DSC09234 DSC09237 DSC09239 DSC09243 DSC09245 DSC09246 DSC09247 DSC09248 DSC09249 DSC09250 DSC09252 DSC09254 DSC09256 DSC09258 DSC09260 DSC09264 DSC09266 DSC09273 DSC09274 DSC09278 DSC09279 DSC09280 DSC09282 DSC09283 DSC09288 DSC09291 DSC09296 DSC09298 DSC09300 DSC09302 DSC09305 DSC09306 DSC09307 DSC09308 DSC09312 DSC09314 DSC09315 DSC09318 DSC09323 DSC09324 DSC09326 DSC09332 DSC09334 DSC09335 DSC09336 DSC09337 DSC09339 DSC09340 DSC09345 DSC09346 DSC09347 DSC09348


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