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May 13, 2016
Wisner Stadium, Pontiac, MI
NPSL Regular Season Match
Michigan Stars 2, Detroit City FC 2
DCFC Andre Morris (Ali Al-Gashamy) 5′
DCFC Tyler Stephens (Cyrus Saydee) 33′
MICH Joe Coombs (Keaton Levock) 50′
MICH Joe Coombs (Cody Archibald) 60′

Our season opened on the road, in Pontiac, where we ended last year’s regular season.  It was 48 hours after the amazing victory over the Michigan Bucks, and the Stars were carrying some familiar names and faces on their roster.  Aleix Souhy, Nicolas Jeausserann, Andre Landell, and keeper Tom Lohmann, were all on the Bucks roster the other night, while forward Shawn Claud-Lawson formerly wore the Rouge-and-Gold in 2014, scoring one of the prettiest goals we’ve seen.

As usual for road games, we brought the fans and the banners.

DSC06609 DSC06615 DSC06616 DSC06617 DSC06618 DSC06619 DSC06620 DSC06623 DSC06629 DSC06637 DSC06638 DSC06639

They brought a band.  Nikki Holland & The Dirty Elizabeths.  I heard they were hired to drown out the NGS.  Next time, they’re going to need a bigger band.


And of course, we shared our feelings about Dan Gilbert, Tom Gores, and Don Garber’s fantasy of putting an MLS team in Detroit…

This was the game for the defenders as all the goals were buried by defenders.  Andre Morris scored first in the fifth minute off this corner kick delivered by Ali Al-Gashamy.

Then, in the 33rd minute, Tyler Stephens scored from a Cyrus Saydee corner kick.

We held the 2-0 lead going into halftime.  However Stars’ defender Joe Coombs scored in the 50th then again in the 60th minute of the match, and the game ended in a deadlock.

DSC06642 DSC06643 DSC06645 DSC06651 DSC06652 DSC06655 DSC06656 DSC06661 DSC06663 DSC06664 DSC06667 DSC06670 DSC06674 DSC06675 DSC06676 DSC06677 DSC06680 DSC06689 DSC06693 DSC06694 DSC06695 DSC06704 DSC06706 DSC06708 DSC06711 DSC06714 DSC06716 DSC06718 DSC06719 DSC06728 DSC06751







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