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Still hampered by the splint, I used my 1961 Smith Corona Coronet Automatic, an electric typewriter, again for Typing Assignment #5 at Joe Van Cleave’s blog.

This assignment “is to work with that worst of all opening lines to a story, “It was a dark and stormy night.”

This line has been panned for decades by critics and cognoscenti alike; but are we afraid? No! Instead, we see it as a challenge. After all, we’re already writing on manual typewriters. Typewriters, I tell ‘ya! So a little more salt in the wound shouldn’t be any trouble.

Start your one-page piece with that classic line, and see where the Muse takes you. Make it fiction; or make it nonfiction, if you have a personal tale, set in a dark, stormy eve, worth telling. Perhaps there’s a family story or legend you’d like to try your hand at. Make it poetry, make it prose, you get to choose.

This is my contribution.

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