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Before I get into this assignment, I want to point out that Mr. Van Cleave has a YouTube channel in which he goes over all the submissions by presenting a slideshow of them (which allows you to read each one), then discusses each of them individually.

The sixth Typing Assignment from Joe Van Cleave’s blog is the following:

We all have someone in our lives who represents a story waiting to be told. That story could be uplifting, or not. But that’s the way true-to-life stories are; not all fairy tales and happily-ever-after and Prince (or Princess) Charming. But a story, waiting to be told, as a typed, one-page composition. It’s your story, to share with others.

For this assignment, I took my healed wrist to the 1951 Royal Quiet De Luxe, and tried to fit a single page in about Erma Henderson.  Though there is a lot to her story, and a lot of it has been shared, I chose to revisit her for this assignment because August 20, 2017 would have been her 100th birthday.

One of the take-aways from this assignment is that I need to allow myself a little more time to either hand-write or rough draft it on the typewriter and re-type.  One of the aesthetics of using a typewriter is the human error component of mistypes, misspellings, and rawness of thought.  If I’m going to continue this and publish them here, I need to consider providing cleaner copy.

Typing Assignment #1
Typing Assignment #2
Typing Assignment #3
Typing Assignment #4
Typing Assignment #5


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