August 11, 2017: Typing Assignment #6

Before I get into this assignment, I want to point out that Mr. Van Cleave has a YouTube channel in which he goes over all the submissions by presenting a slideshow of them (which allows you to read each one), then discusses each of them individually.

The sixth Typing Assignment from Joe Van Cleave’s blog is the following:

We all have someone in our lives who represents a story waiting to be told. That story could be uplifting, or not. But that’s the way true-to-life stories are; not all fairy tales and happily-ever-after and Prince (or Princess) Charming. But a story, waiting to be told, as a typed, one-page composition. It’s your story, to share with others.

For this assignment, I took my healed wrist to the 1951 Royal Quiet De Luxe, and tried to fit a single page in about Erma Henderson.  Though there is a lot to her story, and a lot of it has been shared, I chose to revisit her for this assignment because August 20, 2017 would have been her 100th birthday.

One of the take-aways from this assignment is that I need to allow myself a little more time to either hand-write or rough draft it on the typewriter and re-type.  One of the aesthetics of using a typewriter is the human error component of mistypes, misspellings, and rawness of thought.  If I’m going to continue this and publish them here, I need to consider providing cleaner copy.

Typing Assignment #1
Typing Assignment #2
Typing Assignment #3
Typing Assignment #4
Typing Assignment #5


July 2, 2017: Typing Assignment #1

A couple weeks ago, I received an email from David Wells, creator of the Vermont Vintage Typewriter website, with his latest article.  In it, he shared his submission to Joe Van Cleave’s “Typing Assignment.”  Last week, another email arrived, with David’s submission to the second assignment.  I kept the emails as new, wanting to refer back to them and consider this Typing Assignment project.

Today was the day.  I didn’t read David’s submissions, not wanting to be influenced by them.  Instead, I went directly to Joe Van Cleave’s blog.  I found the article and video describing the purpose of this project.

Okay.  Sounds good.  Though I’ve never been a writer who has been inspired by writing prompts, I have been looking for a way to give my typewriters more use.  Their function lately has been to address envelopes.

This is Typing Assignment #1

Well, too late to include it on his website, I decided to do this just to get started on this project.  My hope is that I’ll be timely for Assignment #3.

Here’s my response to this first Typing Assignment.