Do Haeng Michael Kitchen

Writer. Attorney. Detroit City FC Til I Die.

This assignment typed on my 196? Sears Forecast 12.

This typing assignment for Joe Van Cleave’s blog, takes us down another avenue of personal history by describing a time in the writer’s life when he/she achieved something significant, or overcame a major obstacle.

For this new assignment, you’ll dig into your life’s experience and find something significant that you achieved, or a major problem you overcame. Perhaps you might think you’ve never accomplished much, never tackled some significant feat that’s worthy of note. But to ourselves, in our internal life experience, many things loom large that might otherwise be seen as insignificant to others. Our job as writers is to communicate the magnitude of our internal experience to others in a way that they can appreciate; to enable them to enter into our personal experience.

There was only one obvious obstacle that knocked me on my ass and nearly tore me down that I had to write about.  That damn Bar Exam.

Link to other typing assignments and typewritten pages.




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