Do Haeng Michael Kitchen

Writer. Attorney. Detroit City FC Til I Die.

Yes, this is Typing Assignment #9 for Joe Van Cleave’s blog.  I did skip TA#8 due to busyness and just wasn’t moved by the prompt.

This assignment was to write a one-page hypothetical story in the life of a real-life stranger that you periodically see.  I did bend the rules a little on this one.  I was in a weekly bowling league for a few years, and though I bowled on a team of senior citizens, we only knew very general things about each other.  Early on, they knew I was a little different from them when I took offense to an off-color, Michelle Obama joke one of them made.  So I put myself in the mind of one of them, and fictionalized this speculative analysis.  It’s more a story about resistance and adjustment to change.

I typed this on my 1954 Olivetti Lettera 22, on one of the sheets of the Eaton’s corrasable onion skin paper from the box.

Previous typing assignments and typewritten pages can be found HERE.




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