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May 6, 2017
Keyworth Stadium, Hamtramck, MI
Pre-Season Friendly
Detroit City FC 2, Dayton Dynamo 2
Attendance: 4,168

DCFC  Peyton Mowery Own Goal 18′
DCFC  Cyrus Saydee (David Edwardson) 56′
Dayton  Tristan Lyle (Tate Robertson) 57′
Dayton  Tristan Lyle (Tate Robertson) 65′

An overcast and chilly evening to open Keyworth Stadium in 2017.  Dayton, no longer in our division, provided a good challenge leading into the season.  They exposed our fear that last year’s weakness still existed – leaking goals after achieving a lead.  Dayton’s keeper, Ryan Holding, made a few key saves after they tied it, keeping the score level for the final twenty-five minutes of the match.

Personally, I felt off, too.  First time I asked for a media pass was last year at the season-ending friendly against Windsor.  And before this season, I inquired about one for the full season, and the honor was bestowed.  Standing there with the other photographers and their massive equipment, I felt like my little Sony Cyber-Shot was an inadequate toy.  Coupled with the overcast weather, it certainly wasn’t my best performance in shooting, either.  After this match, I had to shrug it off and remember my approach: don’t worry about not having the camera to capture the shots I fantasize about, rather know which kinds of shots my camera can capture, and get them.  Fortunately for me, video compliments when photographing fail.



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