Do Haeng Michael Kitchen

Writer. Attorney. Detroit City FC Til I Die.

August 2, 2017
Keyworth Stadium, Hamtramck, MI
Detroit City FC 0, Windsor TFC 0
Attendance:  4,132

This match just felt…weird.

A storm had come through during the afternoon, with serious lightning and thunder, then cleared up as game time approached.

This friendly has annually been the final match of the season in Detroit.  But not this evening.

It made sense that with the huge playoff match on Saturday, a number of players who had not seen many minutes this season could use this as a tune-up should they be called into the squad for the playoffs.  Seeing David Dwaihy, Spencer Thompson, Bret Mollon, and Josh Rogers on the pitch was a flashback to our days at Cass.

Still.  It was a City match, which meant enthusiasm for our club.

I took this opportunity to test out the Nikon N-70 film camera again.

Yes, I have been accused of being a Luddite.  I have, and use, typewriters…

prefer books to reading digitally…

and I use both a landline and flip phone…

But go back to film?  No thanks.


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