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August 5, 2017
Keyworth Stadium, Hamtramck, MI
NPSL National Semi-Final
Detroit City FC 0, Midland/Odessa FC 0 (2-4)
Attendance:  7,533

At 2:00 in the afternoon, the match was sold out.

Prior to the march, tickets were being scalped for three-to-five times face value.

The line-up on Conat was larger than I had ever seen it.

It was a tough match.  Chances for City were few, and Fernando Pina kept us in the game.  The packed stadium brimmed with nervous tension.  No score after ninety.  No score in the thirty-minute extra time.  It came down to penalty kicks.

Midland/Odessa  Alvaro Rubio – Goal (0-1)
DCFC Roddy Green – Saved (0-1)
Midland/Odessa Andrew Moulin – Goal (0-2)
DCFC Shawn Lawson – Goal (1-2)
Midland/Odessa Issac Sanchez – Goal (1-3)
DCFC Mauricio Castorino – saved (1-3)
Midland/Odessa Jamie O’Grady – missed (1-3)
DCFC Stephen Carroll – Goal (2-3)
Midland/Odessa Elliot Bentley – Goal (2-4)

This was the third time in four elimination round matches in Detroit City FC history that we came up short from the spot.

The team may have fell short on the night, however, that did not take away from the fact that Detroit City FC was the 2017 NPSL Midwest Region Champions.

O-lay O-lay
O-lay O-low
Detroit City
We love you so.

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