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May 12, 2019
NPSL Regular Season
Ultimate Soccer Arenas, Pontiac, MI
Michigan Stars 0, Detroit City FC 1
Attendance: ?

Standings:  1-0-0 3 pts, 2nd place.

Detroit City FC Shawn Lawson (PK) 30′

They crossed the US border in 2014, formerly known as FC Windsor Spartans, to join the NPSL.  They called themselves FC Sparta Michigan (we refer to them as “Sharta”), and played at Hurley Field in Berkeley.  That lasted a year.

In January, 2014, Dearborn Sports Enterprise purchased them, and rebranded them Michigan Stars FC.  After four uneventful seasons, winning 16 of 52 matches and finishing no higher than third place (2016), the team folded.

In 2018, a 50% share of the team was sold to George Juncaj, who will be coaching the team, with two of his sons – Steven and Robert – in the line-up.


I almost didn’t take this photo.  And I almost didn’t share it.  This could be a reflection of Ultimate Soccer Arenas ownership/management or Michigan Stars FC ownership/managment.  It does set a tone when one enters Ultimate Soccer Arenas…one that makes a person throw-up a little in the back of their throat.

This is the dome, where photos are nearly impossible to take due to the poor lightning (not even enough power to illuminate the “0” on the scoreboard).  So I only have a handful of photos and a recap video for this match.  When we go pro in the fall, maybe we can avoid ever having to play in this pit again.


The first regular season match went well.  The team looked good, especially defensively.  And the Northern Guard were in fine voice.  A solid rehearsal for next week’s home opener.

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