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September 21, 2020
2020 NISA Fall Tournament
Group Stage, Match Two
Keyworth Stadium, Hamtramck, MI
New Amsterdam FC 0, Oakland Roots 3

Roots Matt Fondy (Jack McInerney) 32′
Roots Jack McInerney (Diego Casillas) 65′
Roots Nelson Blanco (Matt Fondy) 75′

Yellow Cards:
Tommy Yorston (NAFC) 45′
Michael Bello (NAFC) 45′
Nelson Blanco (OAK) 52′
Diego Casillas (OAK) 55′
Daniel Vicente (NAFC) 67′
Evin Nadaner (NAFC) 69′

Unfortunately, the Oakland Roots will no longer be in NISA, for they announced on September 17, 2020 that they would be moving to USL League Two for the 2021 season.  Which is too bad because the team’s focus on racial and gender justice within the Oakland community and the independent and community-based emphasis of NISA and its members seems an appropriate fit.  Many of the players replaced their names with messages on their jerseys such as:

  • Equality Justice (Tarn Wier)
  • Demouria Hogg Youth Uprising (Matt Fondy)
  • No To Racism (Ariel Mbumba)
  • Education Reform Equality (David Abidor)
  • Miles Hall Boy (Robert Hines II)
  • Breonna Taylor/Trayvon Martin (Nelson Blanco)
  • Igualadad Oakland Genesis (Nana Attakora)
  • Ahmaud Arbery Suspicious (Peter Pearson)
  • Respect Justice (Daniel Navarro)



Christian Herrera – Keeper
Nana Attakora – Defender
Robert Hines II – Defender
Tarn Wier – Defender
David Abidor – Defender
Peter Pearson – Midfielder
Diego Casillas – Midfielder
Ariel Mbumba – Midfielder
Yohannes Harish – Midfielder
Matt Fondy – Forward
Jack McInerney – Forward


New Amsterdam FC
Aldo Munez – Keeper
Jesus Alvarez Riesco – Defender
Martin Williams – Defender
Danny Vicente – Defender
Tobi Esche – Defender
Tommy Yorston – Midfielder
Evin Nadaner – Midfielder
Cordt Flaetgen – Midfielder
Danny Bedoya – Midfielder
Michael Bello – Midfielder
Mahmoud Keita – Forward

New Amsterdam FC brought their New York attitude to the match.  This skirmish took place in the first half when NAFC Tommy Yorston snuck a punch into the face of the Oakland player.  A couple of yellow cards resulted.  In all, six yellow cards were shown during the match – 4 to New Amsterdam, 2 to Oakland.

Matt Fondy scored in the 32nd minute, giving Oakland a 1-0 lead that held to half time.  To begin the second half, the Roots subbed Nelson Blanco in for Yohannes Harish.  Carlton McKenzie subbed in for Tommy Yorston for New Amsterdam.

One very noticeable observation was the tremendous height of Roots’ keeper Christian Herrera.

The Roots added goals by Jack McInerney (65′) and Nelson Blanco (75′), and dominated the team from the Bronx.  Second half subs included Manuel Gonzalez in for Peter Pearson (57′), Angel Heredia in for Tarn Weir (74′), and Johnny Rodriguez in for Matt Fondy (81′) for Oakland.  Yusuf Mikaheel came in for Mahmoud Keita (89′) for New Amsterdam.

After the opening day, Group A looked like this:

Oakland Roots 1-0-0 = 3 points, +3 goal differential
Michigan Stars 1-0-0 = 3 points, +2 goal differential
Detroit City FC 0-0-1 = 0 points, -2 goal differential.
New Amsterdam FC 0-0-1 = 0 points, -3 goal differential.

The next day, Group B began.  For every match of the tournament, go HERE.

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