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May 12, 2013
Detroit City FC 5, FC Sparta Michigan 1.
DCFC Latif Alashe (Cyrus Saydee) 21′
DCFC Zach Myers (Zach Schewee) 23′
DCFC Zach Myers (Zach Schewee) 56′
DCFC Knox Cameron (Zeke Harris) 58′
FCSM Matthew Nedwicki 82′
DCFC Knox Cameron (Latif Alashe)?’

Welcome to the NPSL, Sparta!

It was Mother’s Day, and a very cold Mother’s day at that.

This was my first road game, if you could call going to Berkley a road trip.  The night began with a full-body pat down by FC Sparta’s sole security officer.  Our reputation preceded us.  I don’t think he appreciated my giggling.  From what I heard later, he patted down every Northern Guard Supporter, even the children.

A crowd of about 460 were in attendance at this match – four hundred of whom were DCFC supporters that rocked the visiting side of the stadium.  It was a very cold night, with fingers freezing on the camera.

This FC Sparta team came into the league this season, trying to capitalize on what had grown down at Cass.  They were in for a rude awakening when they had little support in the stands and little quality on the pitch.  Le Rouge dominated them.


DSC01567 DSC01569 DSC01571 DSC01573 DSC01574 DSC01575 DSC01579 DSC01581 DSC01582 DSC01585 DSC01589

Places, everybody….

DSC01591 DSC01592 DSC01594 DSC01595 DSC01596

Starting Eleven (WTF?  Where are the FC Sparta Michigan fans?)



DSC01606 DSC01607 DSC01609 DSC01616 DSC01617 DSC01621 DSC01625 DSC01626 DSC01629 DSC01635 DSC01640 DSC01646 DSC01647 DSC01652 DSC01653 DSC01661 DSC01677 DSC01686 DSC01694

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