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June 6, 2014
Detroit City FC 2, Erie Admirals 2
ERIE  Andre Landell 57′
DCFC Shaun Lawson (Wade Allen) 66′
DCFC Josh Rogers (PK) 72′
ERIE  Mike Bamber 89′

Attendance:  3,234

The attendance record shattered again, Le Rouge hosted the team that defeated us in the division finals last season – Erie.

It was also the night that Detroit City FC players wore special jerseys in partnership with the “You Can Play” project which promotes inclusion in sports, particularly with the LGBT community.  The jerseys were then auctioned with the proceeds going to the Ruth Ellis Center.  I put in a bid on Cyrus Saydee’s jersey, however it came up short.  The team sold additional jerseys which we did purchase.



DSC05484 DSC05486 DSC05488 DSC05491 DSC05493


DSC05496 DSC05498 DSC05499 DSC05501 DSC05502 DSC05503 DSC05507 DSC05509 DSC05510 DSC05511 DSC05512 DSC05520 DSC05524 DSC05525 DSC05526 DSC05534 DSC05539 DSC05540 DSC05545 DSC05547 DSC05550 DSC05552 DSC05570 DSC05571 DSC05572 DSC05580 DSC05599 DSC05610

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