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May 9, 2015
Cass Tech High School
Detroit City FC 3, Muskegon Risers 1
DCFC  Javier Ramirez (Tommy Catalano) 2o’
DCFC  Javier Ramirez (Alex Isaevski) 35′
MUSK  Jeff McClure (Diego Bobadillo) 58′
DCFC  Will Mellors-Blair 87′
Attendance:  2,487

The final pre-season friendly before the much-anticipated grudge match against the Michigan Bucks in the US Open Cup, Le Rouge faced the Muskegon Risers.  While on the family-friendly side of the pitch, I spoke with a couple who were up from Muskegon to watch the match.  They told me that the team was not in any league, but only played friendlies to help boost the local economy.

A good showing for the boys in rouge, as they handled Muskegon with ease.  Unfortunately, the same could not be said for my camera.  Once again, rain fell upon the pitch, and as I took the photo during the national anthem, the camera shut itself down for the rest of the night.

DSC08196 DSC08198 DSC08201 DSC08205 DSC08206 DSC08207 DSC08208 DSC08209 DSC08210 DSC08211 DSC08213 DSC08215 DSC08217 DSC08218 DSC08219 DSC08220 DSC08222 DSC08226 DSC08232 DSC08233 DSC08234 DSC08235 DSC08236 DSC08237

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