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May 15, 2015
Cass Tech Stadium
Detroit City FC 3, AFC Cleveland 2
DCFC  Colin McAtee (Javier Bautista) 19′
CLEV   Sergio Manesio 35′
DCFC  Will Mellors-Blair (Tommy Catalano) 43′
CLEV  Tom Beck (Mike Derezic) 48′
DCFC  Seb Harris (Cyrus Saydee) 85′
Attendance:  3,012

The much anticipated season home opener on the first day of the Motor City Comic Con…


…but I digress.

The beginning of a new season and the introduction of a new camera.  Actually, it was not so new.  After the water damage from the Muskegon game and the downpour of two seasons before, I decided to look at the world’s largest garage sale to replace my camera.  And there it was.  The very same camera in almost new condition.  “Used only indoors on a tripod,” the description read.  I placed a bid, and this Sony digital camera which was damn expensive in 2006 when I bought it new, cost me a total of $33 to replace ($21 to win the auction, $12 shipping).


Purchased – 2006 Retired – 2015

Prior to the match, NGS unfurled a tifo on the family-friendly side, to kick-off the season:

It was a back-and-forth match, but in the end, Seb Harris won it late with this great header and celebration:



DSC08700 - Copy DSC08701 - Copy DSC08705 - Copy DSC08707 - Copy DSC08709 - Copy DSC08710 - Copy DSC08711 - Copy DSC08712 - Copy DSC08713 - Copy DSC08714 - Copy DSC08716 - Copy DSC08718 - Copy DSC08725 - Copy DSC08728 - Copy DSC08729 - Copy DSC08735 - Copy DSC08736 - Copy DSC08738 - Copy DSC08739 - Copy DSC08743 - Copy DSC08744 - Copy



DSC08750 - Copy DSC08752 - Copy DSC08753 - Copy DSC08754 - Copy DSC08755 - Copy DSC08763 - Copy DSC08764 - Copy DSC08766 - Copy DSC08767 DSC08771 DSC08774 DSC08776 DSC08779 DSC08782 DSC08786 DSC08789 DSC08790 DSC08794 DSC08795 DSC08797 DSC08799 DSC08802 DSC08804 DSC08805 DSC08806 DSC08808 DSC08823 DSC08826 DSC08827 DSC08857 DSC08860


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