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June 20, 2015
Detroit City FC 3, Cincinnati Saints 1
Winthrow High School – Cincinnati, OH
CINN  Scott Shugh (Christian Myton) 4′
DCFC  Matt Ybara 76′
DCFC  Dan Dragoi (Will Mellors-Blair) 85′
DCFC  David Edwardson 90+’
Attendance:  ?

There are games in a team’s history fans will never forget.  For the fifty or so of us who made the trip to Cincinnati, this match will go down in Detroit City FC lore.

Yes, it was special on a personal level in that I had family in the crowd.  However, they were Cincinnatians, and did not get to experience the euphoria.  This was the last match in the Kitchen/DCFC vs Bruce/Saints rivalry (the Saints moving north to Dayton for the 2016 season), which DCFC swept with four wins in four games.  The way this one played out, though…

We (Northern Guard Supporters) met at O’Bryon’s Irish Pub less than a mile away from the high school stadium.  The street lined with cars bearing Michigan license plates, the building was packed with the Northern Guard.


We gathered in the high school parking lot, signed the Rouge Rover flag, then made our presence known, marching to the far corner of the stands.

DSC09776 DSC09777 DSC09779 DSC09780 DSC09781 DSC09782 DSC09783 DSC09785 DSC09787 DSC09788

In the first half, I positioned myself between the two benches, for Le Rouge was attacking opposite the NGS end.  This put me directly in front of my family.


Which also made me a target for their camera.


The Saints took an early lead on a goal by Scott Shough, and nursed it to the half time whistle.

DSC09790 DSC09791 DSC09794 DSC09795 DSC09796 DSC09800 DSC09801 DSC09803 DSC09804 DSC09805 DSC09811 DSC09814 DSC09815 DSC09816 DSC09818 DSC09821 DSC09822 DSC09824 DSC09826 DSC09832 DSC09835 DSC09836 DSC09837

There was happiness among the Bruce family with the halftime score.  I tried to talk my nephew Alex into joining me on the Northern Guard side of the field for the second half, but he declined.

In the second half, things would get worse for Le Rouge.  Cyrus Saydee was shown a red card (which, if you know Cyrus and his sleight build, it must have been a hell of an embellishment by a Saints player), putting us down to ten men.

Still, Le Rouge would not be denied.  Especially when the fans who made the five-hour trip were louder than the smattering of locals.

They kept pressing…

and in the end, they put not one,


not two,


but three goals into the Saints net.


Second half action:

DSC09839 DSC09840 DSC09841 DSC09844 DSC09845 DSC09847 DSC09848 DSC09849 DSC09850 DSC09851 DSC09852 DSC09853 DSC09861 DSC09863 DSC09867 DSC09870 DSC09871 DSC09872   DSC09885  DSC09888 DSC09890 DSC09905 DSC09908

Yes, there was much rejoicing, and much smoke…


which prompted some neighbors to call the fire department!

DSC09894 DSC09897 DSC09899 DSC09901

It was too difficult to hide the smugness, my gait catching up to my forlorn family at the game’s conclusion.  Last year’s match in Cincinnati was won by Detroit in the final minute.  Tonight, up a goal and up a man, the confidence my family must have felt, being so close to finally beating my team, went up in smoke.

The legacy of this match was immortalized in one of City After Dark’s pins.  City After Dark is a fundraising extension of the Northern Guard, which raises money for tifos and smoke.


I went to New York in 2014 to see my favorite Premiere League team, Arsenal, and in December, 2015, I found myself at Crew Stadium watching my favorite MLS team host the 2015 MLS Cup.  Both were memorable, but this game, by far, currently ranks as the best soccer match I’ve ever been to.

City Til I Die!

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