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Joe Van Cleave’s first typing assignment of 2019 was a helpful one for me.  I’ve had this character bouncing around in my head (along with some of the other characters surrounding him) for a number of years.  I just haven’t focused on him that much.  I did have a couple short stories published in a local publisher’s anthology collections, but he, and his world, is still a work-in-progress.  So for this assignment, which is to write an interior monologue, I decided to spend a little time getting into Trevor Aldabra’s head.  Before you is that one-page moment of time.

I typed this piece on my 1938 Smith Corona Silent.

For other Typing Assignments and other typewritten works, you can click on THIS WEBPAGE to find them all.

In conjunction with all this typing, my short story Immunity will be published this summer in the Cold Hard Type anthology of stories in a world where digital technology collapses.  Follow my Twitter or friend me on Facebook if you’d like to keep up with its progress and when the anthology will be available.

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