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April 28, 2018
Keyworth Stadium, Hamtramck, MI
Detroit City FC 1, Chattanooga FC 1
Attendance:  5,361

DCFC Brad Centala (Steven Juncaj, Danny Deakin) 42′
CFC  Charlie Clark 79′

In the second half of the home-and-home series, temperatures dipped into the 40’s, so I didn’t need sun-screen under the jacket.  We gathered with our Chattahooligan friends at Fowling Warehouse pre-game.


Though Chattanooga controlled a lot of the play in the first half, Detroit looked much better than their opening forty-five minutes in Chattanooga.

Three minutes before halftime, Brad Centala put City on the board.


This match also hosted Special Olympics Michigan, whose athletes played a mini-match during halftime.  Northern Guard Supporters stayed, chanted, and ignited smoke while our Skull Sisters distributed t-shirts to the players after their game.


The second half City took control, especially after David Perez earned a straight red card in the 48th minute.  Usually, the 10>11 works for us, however Chattanooga made it work for them as Charlie Clarke evened the match in the 79th minute.



I know we say that there’s no such thing as a friendly, but this two-game series brought together two like-minded organizations and supporters groups.  Their common approach to ‘club’ football versus the billionaire-owned, tax-payer subsidized organizations in American soccer unite these two in a refreshing approach to professional sports.  Competitors on the pitch; brothers & sisters off.

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