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On August 3, 2019, Literati Bookstore and Charly’s Typewriter Collection and Repair, hosted its 2nd Annual Type-In on August 3, 2019.  Last year’s event was so much fun that I loaded up the 1954 Olivetti Lettera 22, and headed out to Ann Arbor, MI.

Around 6:30, the typers arrived.  A variety of unique keyboards ready for fingertips to dance upon.


My little Olivetti found a home between two of his kin – an Olivetti Lettera 32 to the left, an OIivetti MS 25 to the right.

The typing commenced.  A lot of typewriter test-driving was going on, with a few people sticking to their own.


I tested out a couple.  My favorite was the 1961 Olympia SM3.  Though my fingers stumbled along its keyboard, I love the cursive script font.  So much so, it drew a rough haiku from me.

Many would argue that I have rescued too many typewriters from estate sale purgatory, but I do want to find one that has this cursive script.  I know some collectors are not fond of the font, but I find it appealing.

And my Olivetti was not jealous, as he was receiving love from those who typed on him.  This sheet was left in it as I packed up at the end of the event.

The video I recorded captures the beauty of not only the machines but the music of the keystrokes, bells, and chatter of fellow typers.  I also had to record the action on the stunning, green, 1920 Oliver No. 9.

Until next year…Type On!

Charly’s Typewriter Collection and Repair

Literati Bookstore

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