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June 30, 2019
NPSL Regular Season Match
Keyworth Stadium, Hamtramck, MI
Attendance: 6,892
Detroit City FC 6, Toledo Villa FC 0

PRIDERAISER TOTAL: 24 goals at $897.57 per goal!
Standings 8-2-1 = 26 pts, 1st Place.

DCFC Max Todd (Shawn Lawson) 25′
DCFC Max Todd (Bakie Goodman) 37′
DCFC Shawn Lawson (Kervin Kenton) 54
DCFC Max Todd (Bakie Goodman) 61′
DCFC Santiago Agudelo (Cyrus Saydee) 80′
DCFC Cyrus Saydee (Santiago Agudelo) 88′

Today was Prideraiser’s last day to pull more money out of the pockets of supporters and into the Ruth Ellis Center.  With 18 goals already tallied during the month, a match against Toledo Villa FC would certainly add to the staggering amount.  And City didn’t disappoint, putting six goals up on the scoreboard.

When the final penny was counted, the Northern Guard Supporters raised $26,531.69 for the Ruth Ellis Center.  And here, all you thought we did was taunt, swear, and blow smoke.


Also this season, Detroit City FC sold limited edition screen prints on match days to support water-based efforts in Detroit and across the world.  We the People of Detroit and Viva Con Agua received the proceeds of these beautiful prints, of which only 40 of each were produced.  Today’s match was created by our own Fish.  You usually see him rounding up and directing the ball-kids for the match at Keyworth.  A locomotive moving full steam ahead, like the trains that pass by Keyworth and like the force of City’s forward movement this season.  I was thrilled to add it and a couple others during the season, to my office atmosphere.


The beginning of this match was delayed for an unusual reason.  Our opponent from Ohio brought the wrong jerseys to the match.  We had to wear our white kits.  Not a problem, except for the fact that they had to be brought over from the Fieldhouse, which is not far from Keyworth.  However, they had not been washed.  So, during the warm-up and in the time during the delay, we had to wash and dry our kits before taking the field.

Clean uniforms for another clean sheet, making it nine straight shut-outs.

Max Todd’s goals at the 25th and 37th minute gave City a two-goal lead going into the locker room.  At halftime, the Ruth Ellis Center provided entertainment in appreciation of the Northern Guard’s Prideraiser campaign.

City continued to dominate in the second half under Trevor James’ instructions.

In the 54th minute, a beautiful series of passes found their way to Shawn Lawson, making it 3-0.

Max Todd completed the hat trick in the 61st minute.  Twenty minutes later, Santiago Agudelo made it 5-0.

Cyrus Saydee added a goal in the 88th minute, and City finished with a 6-0 victory.





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