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August 6, 2019
Keyworth Stadium, Hamtramck, MI
Detroit City FC 6, Windsor TFC 1
Attendance: 6,083

DCFC Ryan Peterson (Cyrus Saydee) 10′
WTFC Tyrone Mulder 24′
DCFC Dave Edwardson (Rich Bryan) 41′
DCFC Ryan Peterson 44′
DCFC Shawn Lawson 72′
DCFC Shawn Lawson 74′
DCFC Shawn Lawson 85′

The annual friendly against Windsor.  Normally a call to the conclusion of the season, a final gathering before the nine-month break.

Not this year.  Instead of awarding the Black Arrow Award, this match became a tune-up for the NPSL Members Cup competition.  And City lit them up.

However, the Windsor match tends to be firsts for me.  The 2012 match was the first time I went to Harry’s, marched with NGS, and hung out in the Supporters Section.  The 2016 match was the first time I asked and received a media pass to shoot City from field level.  Tonight, my plan was to photograph the first half, then hang out in the Supporters Section and pop my first smoke bomb.


Dave Edwardson’s goal in the 41st minute put City ahead, 2-1, and was the game-winner.

Three minutes later, Ryan Peterson added a third goal as City ended the half with a 3-1 lead.

Before I could settle into the Supporters Section, I was informed that a special call-out would be made for Seb Harris and Dave Edwardson, as they were making their final appearances.  I dashed over to the other side of the field.  In the 56th minute, Sebby got his curtain call…

then, at the 72nd minute…

(I’m not crying, you’re crying).

I did get to pop off that smoke during the 85th minute smoke-storm.

On Saturday, August 3, 2019, a gunman killed 22 people and injured 24 in an El Paso Walmart.  Then, on Monday, August 5, 2019, another shooting occurred which killed 9 people and injured 17 in Dayton, Ohio.  City supporters had something to say.






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